• General
    Wall partition full height designed to maximize the effect of transparency and light in all office environments. Characterized by the presence of stratified glass to ensure an excellent effect of sound-proofing of work environments.
    glass modules joined together by double side tape (no profiles between glass modules)
  • Glass
    Stratified glass of 15mm thick composed by nr.2 transparent glass with different thickness (8+PVB 0,76+6)

    Technical (cont.)
    Perimeter supporting structure in light alloy
  • Features
    Height floor to ceiling/false-ceiling: maximum 3000mm - Modular axis: about 1000mm - Maximum depth: 54mm in correspondence of doors

    Brill finish for structure - PVB acoustic instead of standard PVB 0,38 - Extra height from 3000mm to 3500mm
  • Acoustic Value
    SPARK 15: 38 dB
    SPARK 15 PLUS (with acoustic PVB): 44dB.

    Heading 8
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