office furniture & PARTITIONING from au interiors
  • reception
    Sinetica modular Factory Reception desk in walnut finish with white toughened glass shelf and downstand.
    Office Areas
    office areas
    Sinetica white Diamond framework offsets the rich walnut finished desktop. 2-drawer mobile locking desk pedestal in matching finish.
  • meeting room
    meeting room
    Sinetica white Kubik 1200mm diameter round meeting table with Nice meeting room chairs finshed in xtreme fabric.
    Sinetca Diamond storage units shown above demonstrates a low level storage credenza solution in white & chrome.
  • Seating
    office seating
    These fully functional Office chairs from the blue range are finished with white mesh and xtreme seat bases.
    Sinetica's Spark-10 frameless glass partioning system with white door frame and Walnut fished room dividing storage cupboards